We love our American racing heritage and The Race of Gentlemen is a living breathing celebration of that history filled with action and fun for all!

*Submissions for New Jersey 2018 will open in January*

“Period Correct” is what TROG is looking for with the Motorcycles, Cars and the entire look and feel of the event.

As you know, or have seen in photos, TROG goes to great lengths to get all the structures, banners, signage, etc. just right to emulate beach racing from the late 1940’s / early 50’s.
Overall appearance is important for your vehicle or bike to be chosen. Cars and motorcycles must be hopped up like authentic racing vehicles from the early 1900’s to the early post-war era.
Modify your car or bike for racing! Bikes and cars must be bobbed and stripped down for racing and you may be asked to modify your vehicle even further to enter the race.
Space is limited and submissions are hand selected for their authenticity.
All entries must be pre-approved and must comply with the spirit of the event.
Any vehicles that raced the previous year will be placed on the waitlist until newer entries are looked over. Sorry, no pick up trucks or sedans unless they are heavily modified competition
style race vehicles. Ie; (Setback engines, heavy chops, extreme channel, major speed equipment).

Note: Only completed race cars/bikes can be entered for submission. Incomplete projects will not be accepted until final completion, and cars/bikes are race ready for final submission.


You must read and agree to comply with these specifications prior to submitting your entry to The Race of Gentlemen.

The Race of Gentlemen “Competition” Car Specs for 2018
All entrees must be pre-approved and must comply with the spirit of the event.

Year: Car body must be 1934 or older, American made only
Engine: 1948 or older, American made (1949-1953 Ford flatheads are acceptable) No stock 1949 Overhead Valves are excepted.
Fuel: Gas only, no Alcohol or Nitro
Running gear: 1953 and older. No modern transmissions, disc brakes, alternators, etc.
Additional requirements and restrictions: No headlights, no white wall tires or aggressive tread, no Fenders on hot rods (some very early-teens racers and speedsters may be exempt but must be pre approved). Cars must have visible race numbers.
Paint- Period paint that emulates the time period. No late model graphics, No vinyl stickers or emblems, etc. Cars can be shiny or old paint.

Non Competition Classes
Half of our race weekend is dedicated to bracket racing of the competition classes, but the other half consists of:
Grudge match: run for fun, race your friends, banger vs V8, sprint car vs motorcycle etc., anything goes.
Exhibition Class: This is also a run for fun class reserved for unique or historically significant vehicles.

*If you want to enter a pre ‘53 six or twelve cylinder motor and your car is approved, you can run as exhibition only.

Competition classes
4 bangers: (4 cylinder American made motors. Flathead and Overhead conversions compete in the same class)
V8’s: (8 cylinder factory flathead American made motors prior to 1953. Flathead and Overhead conversions compete in the same class) No, 1949 factory OHV are accepted.
Heritage Class: (This class is for cars and motors that were American made prior to 1920, ie. Duesenberg, Stutz, Speedsters, Indy cars etc.)

In 2016 and forward, we are hoping to have cars that move and really put more Go in the Show!!! The days of entering a stock Model A stripped of its fenders are over. Painting a number on a stripped, almost stocker, does not make it a race car. This is a race and we want cars with speed parts, modified bodies, chops, channel jobs, and go fast parts. If your car is chopped, it doesn’t have to be dropped, if it’s loaded with speed equipment or a V8, it doesn’t have to be chopped or channeled. It doesn’t need all the requirements, we just want modified go fast cars! Get wrenchin!!!


The Race of Gentlemen “Competition” Motorcycle Specifications for 2018

Modify your bike for racing. No “straight off the street” bikes. No headlights, No full fenders, etc. Bikes must be “Bobbed” and stripped down for racing. The idea is to recreate the look and feel of bikes that would be racing in the late ’40’s. 

The below specs are for motorcycles from 1930 – 1947. For motorcycles that are pre 1930… Send in your photos and descriptions.

All entrees must be pre-approved and must comply with the spirit of the event.

Year and Make: 1947 or older American made Motorcycles. Exception on year for Harley 45 WRs – If you have a Harley-Davidson factory 45 Flathead model WR that is 1948 – 1952 and want to race, please submit for approval.

Engine: 1947 or Older: Knucklehead, Flathead, or other American Overheads – No aftermarket motors, S&S, etc.

Exception for Harley-Davidson 45 Flathead engines – Due to the fact that Harley 45 Flathead engines are all basically the same throughout, we will be allowing motors built up from later Harley 45 Solo and Servi-Car cases upon approval.

Exception for Indian Motorcycle Flathead engines – If you have a later Indian 74 Flathead engine that you would like to run in your 47 and earlier chassis please submit for approval.

General Overall: Period fasteners. No Nylon Zip Ties. No yellow, red, etc. plug wires (if you have them wrap them in black friction tape). No modern hardware.

Carburetor: Period Carburetors. Linkert or other factory or period (1947 and older) carb. Absolutely NO LATE MODEL CARBURETORS… No Mikuni, S&S, etc.

Ignition: Period timers, distributors and magnetos. Exception on magnetos: Older Sportster type, Morris or Joe Hunt type magnetos are OK upon approval. None of those modern looking magnetos.

Transmission: Period transmission. No blatantly late model or Aftermarket transmissions.

Shifting: Period Hand Shift, Foot Clutch – No “Jockey” style ratchet lids, No aftermarket chopper style clutch pedals, No “Cheater” hand clutches…

Harley-Davidson – Tank shift… Indian or other American Motorcycle – Tank shift or Factory off the transmission (i.e. Indian Scouts), Crocker, etc.

Frame: Harley-Davidson – OEM Rigid… Indian – OEM Rigid or stock sprung rear (40-47), Other American brands –   OEM frames

Forks: Period Forks. Harley Springer, Indian Girder or Leaf Spring… Hydraulics i.e. Vard, must be pre-approved

Wheels: Period wheels and hubs – No late model hubs. No aluminum wheels

Brakes: Period Mechanical Drum – No disk brakes, or modern hydraulic drum brakes

Tires: Period Tires with Period Tread – Aggressive OK (i.e. Grasshopper, Firestone ANS, etc.) Absolutely NO MOTOCROSS KNOBBIES, paddle style, or modern tread tires permitted

Paint: Period style paint that emulates the time period. No late model tank graphics, emblems, etc. Bikes can be shiny or crusty as long as they are Period Correct. No blatant “Rat Rod” style paint jobs please.

Number Plates or Painted Numbers : Period Number Plates with racing number clearly visible on both sides of the bike and front fork (if possible). Period style number plates, No yellow plastic Motocross plates with zip ties.  Paint or shoe polish on both sides of the gas tank is OK if you can’t do plates.


Submissions for New Jersey 2018 will open in January.